Question Stuck on «Repairing disk errors» Tom’s Hardware Forum

Sometimes while Windows initiates, you might encounter the “repairing disk errors this might take Driver an hour” message on the boot screen. This error generally occurs when there are issues on your hard disk and Windows tries to troubleshoot disk problems during the boot process. Now, you might be wondering – how long does repairing Leer másQuestion Stuck on «Repairing disk errors» Tom’s Hardware Forum[…]

How To Fix Error 1962 Lenovo Windows 10? Programming & Design

Want to know the specific function of each command line? You can see the description of the function by typing bootrec and press Enter key. Since the user’s startup folders are in the system drive, so generally speaking, we just need to check the C drive. Under Drive Status, you may see the issues listed Leer másHow To Fix Error 1962 Lenovo Windows 10? Programming & Design[…]

Enter Network Credentials on Windows 10

To view the captured files, open the Game Bar by Windows key + G and click on the Show all captures option right below the record button. You can also select the Microphone button to record your voice or narrate while recording along with the ability to take screenshots on-the-go. Click anywhere to exit the Leer másEnter Network Credentials on Windows 10[…]